Welcome to the site of the Sub Zero dealer in the game project New Age.

With the help of my website you receive a high-quality and automatic service for the purchase of gold hoists. After payment, gold comes automatically.

Why do I need gold tally?

Gold can be exchanged for Tall. At the very beginning of the game, players because of inability or ignorance of the intricacies of the game are wasting the tales on all sorts of entertainment, like: go play in a tavern in the hope that they will tear the bank, well, or not to wait for a full recovery and manna go to drink. And after all their "party" they find out that they do not have tals on: things, spells, cease.Therefore in the game there are ways to get the tallies not by bot.

Tallah can be bought with the help of a plus sign in front of the amount of tal on the character in the client.

Premium account:

The professions of mining, handicrafts and construction go up 2 times faster + 100% to the speed of moving around the outside world and dungeons without the use of transport. Health, mana and energy are restored 2 times faster. The use of elite class skills does not expend charges. + 10 to the maximum number of charges Things do not break in battles +5 to intelligence and not only!

Regarding clothes:

There are arsenal clothes. In shops. If you take it as a basis, then it is 100% effective stat. Sold in stores for the Tallah.

Crafting it makes players with a certain profession of crafting. On it, 130% of the stat's efficiency is sold on the market for gold and gold. There are only some parts of the body at certain levels.

Rare clothes are sold in stores, for the Tallas and for gold, has 180% efficiency. There are only some parts of the body at certain levels.

And the last kind of clothing, artifacts is ordered through the game website http://www.nura.biz, has 300% efficiency.

For sale only for gold. The stats are distributed personally by the player, there is the possibility to raise the artifact level to a higher one.
Have a unique appearance, which is drawn by the artists of the project, taking into account the wishes of the player. Pennies in the repair. Are sold on any part of the body, from 6 to 18 level.

Various trivia:

Also in the game there are a lot of different little things that simplify the gameplay in some way, adding something to the fun of the time spent. These are various potions that add stats, on a permanent or temporary basis, various gifts, rituals, etc.